Life at the College

The strong sense of community at Goodenough College is central to student life here, offering a welcoming and secure home for postgraduates from different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines to live, socialise and study.

Life at the College is designed for, and defined by, our Members. Everyone who chooses to live here brings their own interests, talents and experiences to Goodenough, coming together to create and contribute to a diverse community of the brightest international minds.

  • Academic & Intellectual Life

    Living at Goodenough gives Members the opportunity to enhance their studies through a diverse range of events and activities, while enjoying a vibrant...

  • Cultural Life

    Goodenough College is a truly international community, bringing together talented postgraduates from around 80 countries worldwide.

  • Social Life

    The friendships forged at Goodenough College last a lifetime and span the globe. Our community is made up of talented international postgraduate students...

  • Clubs & Societies

    Goodenough College is a place where the enthusiastic exchange of ideas and sharing of common interests is central to everyday life. The...

  • Sport

    Goodenough College is home to an active sporting community, with sports teams playing both organised and informal matches in and around London.

  • Faith & Pastoral Support

    Goodenough College is a warm and welcoming community for people of all faiths and none, offering each Member a nurturing, safe environment in...

  • College Tours

    We hold a tour for prospective Members every Saturday at 10am. There is no better way to discover more about Goodenough College -...

  • Location

    Environmental Policy & Initiatives

    Goodenough College is committed to limiting the effect its operations and activities have on the environment for the benefit of future generations.