The GoodSkills programme was set up to encourage Members to acquire or refine vital study skills and professional behaviours for their future careers.

The annual GoodSkills Week in College hosts a number of free skills acquisition sessions, delivered, largely in person, by College Members and Alumni.

Most sessions provide deeply interactive, small group experiences to help participants to focus on their skills needs. Recent sessions included:

  • Improving Personal and Professional Productivity, Alumnus Mayowa Olatoye, Management Consultant
  • Writing a CV for Success, Alumnus Cameron Dadkhah, Deloitte
  • Speaking with Confidence, Member Sarah English, Actor
  • Basic Financial Literacy, Alumna Hwee Pee, Manager, Prudential Banking Supervision at the Bank of England
  • Introducing Tech Tools for Your Research, a Zoom session from Alumnus Sam Valdes
  • Plus a talk from College Member Sebastian Estivill on the work of his not-for-profit CIV – a non-profit civil association dedicated to developing technologies and strategies to help populations affected by disasters.

These GoodSkills sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for Alumni to mentor current College Members who benefit deeply from the in person face-to-face encounters.

 A PhD Support Group also exists to promote skills applicable to dissertation research.


“Unlike ‘Port Talks’ which are largely inspirational and provide information on a specific topic, the GoodSkills week workshops went beyond inspiration to equipping me with practical skills.

“I found the session on Basic Financial Literacy an eye-opener on various aspects: budgeting, avoiding debt, saving, investing in the UK and general financial management. As a student, financial skills are helpful so as to spend money wisely and avoid stress caused by poor financial decision making.”

Carolyn Lunga, Member