Faith, worship and contemplation

Goodenough College is a warm and welcoming community for people of all faiths and none, offering each Member a nurturing, safe environment in which to live and study.


The College is served by two Chaplains, Father Brian Creak (Roman Catholic) and Father Christopher Cawrse (Church of England/Anglican), who are available to serve and support all Members of the College, of every faith and of none.

Father Christopher is the local Vicar at Holy Cross Church beside King’s Cross station; this Church has the distinction of having been built by the Goodenough family long before they built the College!

The Chaplains work closely with the Dean’s Office to provide a network of support and wellbeing to all Members, regardless of any faith or belief. They can also direct interested Members to local faith communities where additional sources of support, reflection and practice may be found.


Relifious event at Goodenough College

Religious Clubs and Societies

The College funds many religious Clubs and Societies, such as the Jewish Society, Muslim Society and Christian Society. We encourage Members to create new Clubs and Societies which reflect their faith and beliefs. Our celebrations of Diwali and Eid are some of the biggest of the College year.

We also hold an Interfaith Spirituality Week, as part of National Interfaith Week, which includes talks, visits to places of worship and musical concerts related to many different faiths and beliefs. This reflects the extraordinary diversity of the College and provides Members with opportunities to learn about many different religions during their time at Goodenough.

On-site Chapel 

The Chapel is a sacred space within the College that is open to everyone and used regularly by Members of all faiths and none. It is a place of worship and a welcoming space for peace and contemplation. Regular services including morning prayer, Eucharist service, Compline and Roman Catholic Mass take place here and everyone is invited to attend. Weekly Bible study and prayer-groups, reading groups, trips, talks and retreats take place throughout the year. The Chapel also hosts many concerts performed by our Members.

The Chapel at Goodenough College