How to ace your application

As you'll have seen from the website Goodenough is not just a Hall of Residence. The College is a community and we want the people who'll benefit the most to live here. That's why there's an application process. Here's an insiders guide (from our Admissions team) on what to expect and some tips on what they're looking for.

What do I need to apply?

Before you register to start your application through the College’s Online Application Portal, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to complete your application.

In addition to personal details (contact details, etc) you’ll be asked to upload a recent photo which will be used on your ID when you join (please smile!), a recent short CV or resumé and an offer letter for the course you intend to study.

During the application you will be asked to tell the Admissions team:

What happens to my application?

Once you’ve completed your application it will go to our selectors. They will look at a number of factors when assessing your application.  The most obvious is: do we have a room or flat for you on the dates that you’ve requested. Otherwise, the selectors are aiming to build a diverse community every year with people from all over the world studying different disciplines.

What’s most important is that we want new College Members who really want to live and participate in a community in their time here. This is how you will gain most benefit from your time at Goodenough. You don’t have to play sport to Olympic level, or the piano to orchestral level or have a mother or father who lived here but you should show us (in your community contribution statement) that you want to join in and understand the value of actively participating in a community.

You will hear the outcome of your application a month after application i.e. if you submit your application by the end of June you will have the outcome the first week in August. All monthly applicants are assessed together and so your result day will be the same if you apply any time between, for instance, 1-30 June. Early application is always advised.

Why the effort’s worth it…

There is a lot to be gained from living at Goodenough, not only do you have fantastic facilities on a beautiful quiet Square in the centre of London but you will also make a diverse range of life-long friends; your intellectual faculties will be stretched, perhaps in directions you didn’t imagine; you will learn something new; you will be supported; you will have lots of new opportunities and you will become one of the thousands of Alumni around the world who still engage with the Goodenough community. The application is a hurdle worth jumping.