Social life at Goodenough College

The friendships forged at Goodenough College last a lifetime and span the globe. Our community is made up of talented international postgraduate students and nowhere else in London offers the chance to socialise with, and be inspired by, such an extraordinary group of people.

The social and cultural side of life at Goodenough College is one of our major strengths.  The programme of events organised by the College is enhanced by activities run by Members themselves and opportunities to socialise informally in stunning surroundings. Members can meet and chat over meals in the Great Hall or at Freddie’s, in the quads or while relaxing in the Garden or the rooftop terrace of London House.

There are also a wide range of activities each week. Some Clubs and Societies meet regularly throughout the year, other ad hoc events include charity fundraising events, concerts and barbecues.

We encourage all Members to get actively involved in the social life of the College. There is some administrative and financial support available to make sure all Members can benefit from this element of College life.