Members’ support

We strive to ensure Goodenough College offers a welcoming, supportive home from home for each of our Members. Many of our Members arrive at Goodenough having never lived overseas before; it may even be their first time living away from home. Our safe, nurturing community provides an ideal environment for our Members to focus on their academic studies and enjoy the cultural and social life of the College knowing they have a dedicated support system in place.

Our team is here to offer advice and practical help whenever it’s needed.  London House and William Goodenough House each have House Administrators, usually the first port of call for any questions from our Members, who work closely with the Registrar and the Dean and his team to look after the welfare of the Goodenough community. Practical support, for example with accommodation needs or with finances, is also available from our Facilities and Finance and Development teams.

The staff team is complemented by Member volunteers who take on community and welfare roles on our Members’ Council. The Members’ Council is elected each year to support Members and to ensure the College administration understands the diverse needs (financial, personal, social and cultural) of the College membership.

The Members’ Council represents and advocates on behalf of the Members’ interests. Council Members hold their posts voluntarily and are committed to creating an intellectually thriving and culturally diverse environment. Roles include three Members who sit as full voting members on the Board of Trustees and others who support community and welfare, social and cultural, facilities and services and environmental initiatives.