Goodenough College is an academic community, with Members from all the major London universities and studying a wide range of academic and professional disciplines.

Our extra-curricular and academic activities can augment and enhance your studies. Alongside the vibrant social-life they are one of the features that make Goodenough College a truly unique place to live. 

We have over 20 different Member run Academic Clubs and Societies, which are funded by the College. If there is not a Club which you would like to join, we will help you create your own.

TEDx is a program of locan, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Each year our Members host TEDxGoodenoughCollege, which brings together Members, Alumni and other parties to explore a determined topic or theme. Footage from the 2015 TEDxGoodenoughCollege can be viewed here: 

One of the highlights for many of our Members is attending the annual "3 Minute PhD Talk Fest". In this engaging evening, our PhD students each give a three minute presentation about their thesis, giving a great insight into the diverse topics being explored by our Members. 

Throughout the year, the College holds Port Talks, whereby speakers give a lecture on a variety of topics. Previous Port Talk leaders include the US Ambassador to the Court of St James, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Holocaust survivor Agnes Grunwald-Spier.