With Members from over 80 countries worldwide, Goodenough College is a culturally vibrant community.

In addition to informal opportunities to make friends with graduate students from all over the world, there is a strong cultural programme each year. The cultural life of the College is very much inspired and driven by our Members. 

We have over 70 different Member run Cultural Clubs and Societies, which are funded by the College. If there is not a Club which you would like to join, we will help you create your own.

At any one time there will be around 50 music students living at the College. Concerts and recitals throughout the year provide opportunities for Members to hear them express their talents. There are then almost weekly performances and recitals by individual musicians, which often feature pieces they are about to perform in the major London music venues. 

Students from a variety of artistic backgrounds live at Goodenough College. You can view their work at regular art and photography exhibitions. There is a thriving Creative Writing Group and poetry readings, arts and crafts workshops and other cultural events enrich the life of the College.

Members regularly hold Cultural Weeks, which includes a programme of events to help teach other Members about their culture and heritage. Events range from themed evenings such as Latin American nights to panel discussions, talks, exhibitions, films, plays, arts and crafts from various cultures around the world. 

Bloomsbury Opera, a company run largely by former Goodenough Members, regularly performs at the College. You can see the trailer for their performance of William Walton's "The Bear" on our YouTube channel.

The College has access to an exclusive box at the Royal Albert Hall, one of London’s premier concert venues, where Members get tickets at a 10th of the price.