Support as an individual

As an individual you can support many aspects of College life. Every donation will enable us to support more Members and will, collectively, make a significant difference.


We want to ensure that our exceptional College experience is truly open to all, including those from challenging backgrounds, fleeing conflict or in financial need. As the College receives no funding from the Government or from the institutions at which our Members study, philanthropic support is especially important.

Our entire College community benefits from the diverse backgrounds, skills and talents of our Members. The College’s Scholarship programme has a tremendous impact on the lives of many talented students from all over the world who would otherwise find it impossible to afford to study in London.

A gift to support a Scholarship will help transform the life of a postgraduate student by enabling them to join our unique community – it also means we can build a truly diverse community, foster international understanding and help create the global citizens of tomorrow.

Meet a Goodenough Scholar

“When I go back to Paraguay I can use my new knowledge to help my country. This experience hasn’t just changed my life, it means I can help my family, my friends and my community.”

Abráhan Burgos (Paraguay), Goodenough Scholar 2022-23

Smiling Members from Goodenough College

Mecklenburgh Fund (Hardship Fund)

The Mecklenburgh Fund is a vitally important part of our Member support programme, ensuring grants are available to Members if they find themselves facing significant financial hardship whilst living in College. The Mecklenburgh Fund can ease some of the financial pressures on Members, allowing them to focus on getting the most out of their studies and College life. Members can also apply to the Fund for their own professional or personal development. This often takes the form of financial assistance to undertake a project or initiative associated with their area of study that they would be unable to consider without help from the Fund.

With high inflation and the cost of living crisis many of our Members are finding that their stipends no longer cover their living expenses. The Fund helps many Members who are facing financial hardships, such as unforseen changes in family circumstances, loss of income, unexpected financial costs associated with their studies as well as the high cost of living in London. In order to access help Members apply to the Fund and must meet a set of criteria to qualify for access.

Buildings and estate

Goodenough College’s buildings and grounds are one of our major assets. They secure our financial future and offer our Members a safe haven in the heart of London, with excellent facilities, easy access to most of the city’s best universities and colleges, and the perfect location to explore all the city has to offer.

Our historic estate requires continual maintenance and upgrading, a gift to support our buildings and estate  ensures we can provide the very best facilities to current and future Members, whilst ensuring we preserve the historic character and features of our buildings.

Many opportunities to support the College carry naming recognition.

To discuss the different ways in which you can support the College and our Scholars, please contact Sarah Cranmer, Head of Development at