Terms of Use

This policy was updated on 16 March 2022

Please read these terms and conditions (Terms) as they will govern your use of the website www.goodenough.ac.uk and its subdomains and the Goodenough Global site https://www.global.goodenough.ac.uk/ (collectively the Websites).

These Terms will also apply to your use of any of Goodenough College’s social media channels, including, but not limited to, the following:


https://www.facebook.com/GoodenoughCollegeAlumni https://twitter.com/goodenoughc




(collectively the Social Media Channels).

By using the Websites and any of our Social Media Channels, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by these Terms, and by any other terms that are stated to govern your use of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels, such as our Privacy Policy and Cookies Information.

The Websites and the Social Media Channels belong to Goodenough College and they are made available to you subject to your acceptance of the following Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you should not use the Websites or the Social Media Channels.


The content on our Websites and Social Media Channels is for general information only and has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing selected information about the College, its subsidiary companies, and organisations with which it is associated, and about the respective goods and/or services which they offer.

The College makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on its Websites and Social Media Channels is accurate and up-to-date. However, we may need to make some changes to the information and to its services from time to time, for example (i) where it is necessary to reflect changes in the College’s services to Members or Alumni, or (ii) if an external partner requires certain content be added or removed. It is the responsibility of all Members, prospective Members, Alumni and/or other visitors to the Websites and/or Social Media Channels to check the accuracy of all relevant facts and information before entering in to any financial or other commitment based upon them.

The College undertakes to take all reasonable steps to provide the services described on the Websites and/or Social Media Channels. It does not, however, guarantee the provision of such services. Should industrial action or other circumstances beyond the control of the College interfere with its ability to provide the services, the College will use all reasonable steps to minimise any disruption.

While the College tries to make the Websites and the Social Media Channels available without interruption, it reserves the right to suspend or withdraw access, without notice, to either the whole or part of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels, for any reason, and to schedule occasional downtime for maintenance.

Every effort is made to ensure downloadable content is free from viruses, spyware or other malware. However, the College accepts no liability for damages resulting from virus infection and cannot guarantee that use of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels will be virus-free, or that use of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels will not affect other software or operating systems used to access the Websites and/or Social Media Channels.

Updates and changes to the Terms

The College may update or change these Terms from time to time and any such updates or changes will be effective from the date of publication. Please make sure you are aware of the current Terms. Your continued use of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels will indicate your acceptance of the revised Terms.

Registration and passwords

Access to some areas of the Websites may be restricted to users who have registered their details with us. They may also be restricted to certain categories of user, such as prospective Members, current Members or Goodenough Alumni. You may be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions when registering to access these areas.

You must not use a false name or email address or provide any false information, nor impersonate another person when registering for use of any part of the Website.

When using a Goodenough password protected service you are responsible for keeping your account password secure and you should notify alumni@goodenough.ac.uk immediately of any unauthorised use of your account or other breach of security.

The College may terminate your account if you violate any provision of these Terms of Use or fail to comply with requests concerning your account. User accounts may not be shared, transferred, or sold to other parties, nor are they to be used by or made available to any person or entity except the registered user.

We may refuse or terminate your registration and access at any time if we believe you to be in breach of any part of these Terms or any applicable laws.

Website and social media usage

In using the College’s Websites and Social Media Channels to post, upload, or send content or information you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age, or an emancipated minor, or possess legal parental or guardian consent, and are fully competent, to use the and to enter into and comply with these Terms of Use.

In order to reduce the risk of something going wrong, please observe the following rules on safe use of our channels.

You agree to:

  • Set up your profile using your real name
  • Make sure that all other information used in your profile is accurate and kept up to date
  • Behave in a courteous, honest, truthful, professional and entirely appropriate manner
  • Observe all the applicable legal requirements in your jurisdiction. These include but are not limited to laws on privacy, libel, fraud, intellectual property and anti-spam
  • Respect the College’s values: tolerance, respect, understanding, service and togetherness
  • Respect the intellectual property rights or copyrights of others
  • Remember that material posted online is often difficult to remove entirely, so only post content that you are unlikely to regret later.

You agree not to:

  • Create a profile using a false identity
  • Create more than one profile
  • Create a profile for a third party
  • Create profiles/accounts through unauthorised means, including but not limited to, by using an automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper
  • Share your password or let any other individual access your account
  • Misrepresent your academic or professional details
  • Act dishonestly or inappropriately
  • Post violent, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, disturbing, nude, partially nude, pornographic, or sexually suggestive photos or other content
  • Defame, stalk, bully, abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate people or entities
  • Disclose or share information or content obtained from other users without their express consent. This includes but is not limited to personal email addresses, non-public phone numbers or nonpublic email addresses, social security or alternate national identity numbers, and credit card details
  • Upload confidential information the disclosure of which could be harmful or illegal
  • Upload content that contains viruses or other harmful code
  • Use the Websites and Social Media Channels to disseminate spam
  • Use the Websites and Social Media Channels to perpetrate any form of fraud or criminal activity

Users are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on their Social Media Channel user accounts and on their Goodenough Global user account.

We reserve the right to remove any content and/or information from our Websites and/or Social Media Channels, at any time without notice and at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to pursue any course of action against you that is available to us under applicable laws for breach of any part of these Terms or for breach of any applicable laws.

Views expressed by individuals on the Websites and Social Media Channels (Third-Party Views), for example via a Twitter feed or otherwise, should not be taken to represent the College’s views or values unless expressly stated otherwise. The College is not responsible for any such Third-Party Views or any claims resulting from them.

Intellectual Property

All copyright, design rights and other intellectual property rights in the content of the College’s Websites and Social Media Channels, including but not limited to the College’s logo, text, artwork, graphics, video, sounds, layout, software and technical infrastructure, is owned by, or licensed to, the College.

Except as otherwise expressly permitted under copyright law, no part of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels (or any material appearing on them) can be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form, by any means, or for any purpose (other than for personal non-commercial reference) without the prior written permission of the College. Requests to republish any material may be sent to development@goodenough.ac.uk.

You may view, copy, and print documents within this website subject to your agreement that:

  • Your use of the material is for your own personal information and for non-commercial purposes only
  • You will not modify the documents or graphics in any form or manner
  • You will not copy or distribute graphics separately from their accompanying text and you will not quote materials out of their context
  • Any copies of the material you make for a permitted purpose include an acknowledgement that copyright belongs to Goodenough College.

Any such permitted use may be subject to further terms and conditions, including (where applicable) any third-party terms and conditions that may apply to your use of the Social Media Channels, such as Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

The Websites and/or Social Media Channels may feature third-party-owned trade marks that the College is licensed or authorised to use. Nothing in these Terms gives you any right, permission, or licence to use any of these names and/or logos.

The College reserves the right to remove or alter any content from the Websites and/or the Social Media Channels at any time without notice and shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or expense arising from such removal.

Third-party links

The Websites may contain links to third-party websites. These links are provided for your convenience. We are not responsible for, nor do we endorse in any way these third-party websites, or their content, or their security arrangements.

If you decide to access (or provide information to) any of the third-party websites linked to on the College’s Websites or Social Media channels, you do so entirely at your own risk and the College does not accept any liability for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result. You should exercise caution and make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of any such third-party websites and channels that you visit.

Personal data

Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. We treat your personal information very seriously and endeavour to comply with all applicable data protection legislation.

We may collect personal data as a result of your use of the Websites and/or the Social Media Channels, and we may collect information on the pages you have visited. These aspects of your interaction with the Websites and/or Social Media Channels are governed by our Data Management Policy and Cookies Information.

We will do everything possible to keep your data secure, but we cannot guarantee total security and any postings to the site are entirely at your own risk and we cannot be held liable.

Copyright and sharing your content

You own all the content and information you post on the site, but you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content or information you post on our public-facing Website and Social Media platforms.

The content and information you provide will be displayed to other users. In publishing content or information to the Websites and Social Media Channels, you are allowing access and use of that information by others and allowing them to associate it with you, your name and profile. We are not responsible for any misuse or misappropriation of any content or information you post or have authorised the College to post.

Please bear in mind that any content that you delete may continue to exist online if it has been shared or accessed by others.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Disputes between you and the College about use of the College’s Websites and Social Media Channels are very unlikely. However, were such a dispute to arise, you agree that British law will apply and that the dispute will be settled in the British Courts.

You should not use any of the Websites and/or Social Media Channels unless you are happy with this position.

Contacting us

If you have any queries about your use of the Website or any information on the Website, please contact us at alumni@goodenough.ac.uk or by mail at:

Development and External Relations
Goodenough College
Mecklenburgh Square
London WC1N 2AB
United Kingdom