Thank you for supporting our COVID-19 Member Support Appeal

Through the generosity of our incredible international community of Alumni and friends, we are thrilled to announce that together we have now reached and exceeded our target to raise funds to support Members financially struggling due to COVID-19. We have now raised, with gift aid, just under £90,000!

For many Members currently living on the Square, who may have lost their jobs or teaching work and in some cases even their scholarships, your generosity is a lifeline. Your support is helping today in two important ways. You are:

  • Enabling Members to receive emergency financial assistance, making sure they can pay their bills and afford to buy food plus other essential items
  • Helping Members to access a vital Student Assistance Service that provides face to face, telephone and online counselling; debt and financial advice and other resources

This Appeal has shown the power of philanthropy – especially when we come together as a community. We are so thrilled to see such a huge amount of support which is transforming so many Members’ experiences of Goodenough College during such challenging global times.

Goodenough is a place with community at its heart, expressed at times like these by acts of friendship, love, and kindness. You have shown what it is to be part of the Goodenough family – thank you for coming together in such a tremendous way.

“When the current crisis plunged our national currency (and, consequently, all our savings with it)… the College showed us a way forward. We had saved for years to support ourselves but we were not expecting this world crisis… we applied to the Mecklenburgh Fund and received a support assistance until the end of the term, allowing us to breathe again”

Lia (Spain) – Mecklenburgh Fund Recipient

College motto Unitas in sapientia

The demand for financial support has been even bigger than we expected so if you haven’t yet managed to support the Appeal, please do give what you can by visiting our Just Giving page.