Universally Challenged Two – Alumni quiz night a great success

Quiz organiser Neville Surti reports back on the second Alumni online quiz night and the College question that settled the contest…

Universally Challenged Two’ – the second online quiz for Alumni (this time organised by the UK Alumni Association) took place on the evening of 25 March 2021. Although the event was primarily aimed at UK and European Alumni, due to the evening start time, participants from as far afield as Australia took part.

The quiz attracted 50 participants, split over 13 teams, who were asked to answer five rounds of questions on the varying topics of World Landmarks, Geography, London Transport and of course The College. The questions were pitched at a level designed to be challenging and enlightening, while not over exerting the considerable wealth of knowledge of each team.

The College questions helped settle the contest and included the question, “Amongst notable Alumni of Goodenough College, four have gone on to become the political leader of their country. Name each of the four and their home country”. For those interested, according to Wikipedia, they are: FW de Klerk, South Africa; Helen Clark, New Zealand; Carwyn Jones, Wales; and Sergei Stanishev, Bulgaria. Though, according to one of our participants, there is a fifth so maybe that Wiki page needs an update.

Congratulations to all participants who performed admirably. The Winners bragging rights went to the “Feel the Burn” team consisting of Akbar, Lisa, Bruno, Roxana and Frederic with a very creditable 40.5 out of a maximum possible score of 55. They were closely followed by the “Nerd Immunity” team consisting of Alistair, Tessa, Andy, Kevin and Katie coming second and the “Tiger Lily” team consisting of Caitlin, Tatjana and Alex.

My thanks to our Presenter, Sam Campbell, our Host, Lars Larsson, our Zoom/IT Manager, Kuldeep Virdi, our Question Creator Julia Czaplinska and as ever College Support from Melissa Morley.

Hopefully we will hold another quiz in the future where “Feel the Burn” will attempt to retain their crown.