Extending the ‘Goodenough experience’ abroad

Visiting locations outside of the College is a key part of the Goodenough College experience, introducing College Members to different aspects of UK and European life, culture and learning.

In the last year the Dean’s team has organised a range of other study trips (often in the company of College Fellows and other distinguished figures in public life) in destinations as far afield as Oxford, Canterbury, Belfast, Dublin, Jersey, Prague, Aarhus, Paris and Athens.

One of the highlights for many Members is the opportunity to attend one of the Dean’s Seminars. These are special themed study trips for small groups of Members (usually between 8-12) led by a senior academic or specialist in their field (often one of the College’s Fellows) and the College’s Dean, The Revd Dr Alan McCormack, a public theologian.

The 2022/23 programme comprised:

The Dean’s Seminar on ‘The History of Cosmopolitanism’ in Trieste, Italy (4-6 November 2022) with the Dean and Dr John Lotherington, Historian and Programme Director of the Salzburg Global Seminar and Fellow of Goodenough College. Trieste is a city whose history is quintessentially cosmopolitan. As the foremost seaport of the Hapsburg Empire, it was a centre of many important political events in its history, and later became the ‘home’ to such literary luminaries as DH Lawrence, James Joyce, Richard Burton and Stendahl. During the trip participants were able to examine the notions of cosmopolitanism and the rootless using the cityscape as both an example, and a caution. View the Instagram post for images.

The Christopher George Argyris Dean’s Seminar on ‘The Classical Past in Rome’ (10-12 February 2023). This Seminar was led by the Dean and Professor Paul Roberts, of the University of Oxford (Ashmolean Museum), Fellow of Goodenough College. Participants were able to visit many of the buildings and monuments which together constitute the ancient patrimonio under the expert guidance of Professor Roberts, a leading authority on Roman antiquities and the history and architecture of the ancient Roman Empire.

The Martin Schwab Dean’s Seminar on ‘Islamic Intellectual History in Toledo and Madrid’ (12-15 May 2023). Led by the Dean and Professor Charles Burnett FBA, Professor of the History of Islamic Influences in Europe at the Warburg, and Guest Fellow of Goodenough College this trip focused on the importance of Toledo in Islamic intellectual history, and especially in the mediaeval history of translation.

Besides learning a great deal on the themes of the trips Members also had plenty of time to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of each location and to appreciate each other’s company. View the Instagram post for images.

We were grateful to receive generous sponsorship for two of this year’s Dean’s Seminars, from Martin Schwab and from the family of Christopher Argyris. This kind support enabled the Dean to offer Members two additional ‘Dean’s Colloquia’ events. One, on ‘Commercial Law and Ethics’, was held in Venice and led by Professor Sir Roy Goode FBA, Fellow of the College, and The Rt Hon The Lord Briggs, Justice of the UK Supreme Court; the other, on the theme of ‘Modern Slavery’, was held in Thessaloniki at the invitation of His All Holiness the Patriarch of Constantinople.