Goodenough Safe Haven Appeal – thank you for your support

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, Goodenough College is working with Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics) to provide a lifeline to students who are facing immediate danger and desperately need a safe and secure place in which to live and study.

Goodenough College has been working with Cara for a number of years. When Cara approached the College to provide a safe and secure home for Ukrainian students we were keen to help but realised that we needed to ask our global community to come together and help us make this a reality, which is why we launched our Safe Haven appeal in March 2022

We are pleased to announce that, with the support of our Alumni community (and generous donations from a Canadian Alum and The Drapers’ Company) we were able to raise £160,240 in total. This will provide support for a number of at risk students to live at the College for the duration of their PhDs.

“The last twelve months have been an extraordinary, and very challenging, time for Cara … Since the Taliban take-over last August we have received over 700 applications from Afghan academics  and, most recently, Putin’s assault on Ukraine has prompted applications from a growing number of Ukrainian academics, and also from Russians who are appalled at what is being done in their name. We are doing everything we can to help them all, and are grateful for the many offers of additional support we have received from our partners, including Goodenough College.”

Cara – the Council for At-Risk Academics

Goodenough College and Cara have been working together since 2017. In that time, thanks to the generous support of our community, five postgraduate students forced to flee their homes due to persecution, violence or conflict have been given a safe place to live at Goodenough. To date, we have offered a home to Cara Scholars from Syria, Turkey and Myanmar. Ukraine is a pressing priority, supporting Afghan students is also currently a key focus and we will continue to partner with Cara to receive all students in need of shelter.