Alum’s wedding turned into a “mini Goodenough reunion”

It’s August which means that despite the warm weather and barbecues in the garden, Mecklenburg Square feels a little more downbeat than in other months. That’s because this is the time when we start to see a number of our 2021-22 cohort depart. For those of you worrying about missing your GC family when you leave, remember that you will have Goodenough reunions for years to come.

Here are a few photos where the Goodenough gang showed up in full force to celebrate the wedding of Vero and Kristian Brink despite it taking place thousands of miles away in Paraguay. With 10 Goodenoughers attending, the wedding turned into, in Kristian’s words, “a mini Goodenough reunion”. Vero and Kristian met at another Goodenough wedding, of Guillermo Sarubbi (London House 2014-15) and his wife Selene back in 2019. You never know… your Goodenough pals may just introduce you to your future partner!

Krisitian Brink's wedding group shot

Krisitian Brink's wedding beach

Krisitian Brink's wedding dinner

Krisitian Brink's wedding kiss

For this year’s Leavers, remember that as hard as it is to say goodbye, it really is just a “see you later”. If you have photos from your own impromptu Goodenough reunion that you would like to feature feel free to send us these at or post the photos on Goodenough Global, our Alumni networking site.

If you’re an Alum of the College you can log into Goodenough Global and see more pictures from Vero and Kristian’s wedding.