Multi-faith Easter activities

College Member Kasia from Poland introduced College Members, of all ages, to a traditional Eastern European egg decorating tradition

Goodenough College is home to a number of families as well as single Members so the College’s events programme includes activities for Members of all ages.

College Member Kasia from Poland organised an ‘Easter Egg Decorating’ event on Saturday 16 April as part of the College’s Easter celebrations, with help and support from fellow Member Karan Mehta.

The event turned out to be a wonderful and creative afternoon for Members of all faiths. As Kasia comments: “Egg decorating is an established tradition among Roman Catholic and Orthodox communities in Eastern Europe. To my delight, this event attracted a group of children from the College together with a multi-faith group of their parents and other Members eager to learn about the history of this tradition.

“I was touched by the opportunity to share something that used to be my family activity back in Poland with children and Members from many different countries, decorating and glittering Easter Eggs with Members some of whom were observing Ramadan. It was truly special and was one of these moments that yet again reminded me about the power and uniqueness of our community. The kids seemed to have great fun and we decorated almost 40 eggs in total (some of which were the most creative designs that I have ever seen)!

“It was a great team effort – I couldn’t have done it without Karan’s help in purchasing the eggs, setting up the room, entertaining the attendees and helping to clear up afterwards.”


Easter egg decorating


Easter egg decorating