Thank you to our Alumni volunteers

We would like to thank all of our Alumni across the globe who gave their time and shared their experience and wisdom in 2022.

There are many ways in which our wonderful Alumni community give back to the College, including volunteering to contribute to the College’s programme of social, cultural and intellectual activities.

During 2022 members of our Alumni delivered Port Talks for Members, Zoom events for fellow Alumni and contributed to major events such as TEDx.

Five Alumni, representing each faculty, attended the College’s Faculty Welcome Week drinks sessions to give new Members insights into their time at Goodenough and advice on how to maximise their experience of College life.

Others helped Members with their future prospects by taking part in our Mentoring Pilot scheme;  delivering Good Skills Week workshops (on academia, artistic projects, management consulting and communicating for influence and impact); and by giving talks and answering questions at our Careers Networking event.

In addition, this year we have been pleased to be able to include Alumni in many of the Member events taking place through the year, from Port Talks to musical recitals and our new, regular Formal Hall Dinners. All those who take part and mix with Members contribute greatly to the richness of College life. Thank you!