Utopian thinking for tomorrow

This year's TEDxGoodenoughCollege on the theme Tomorrow's Tomorrow was held on 30 July and hosted around 200 Members, Alumni and guests.

Taking the idea of change and transformation as inspiration, the TEDxGoodenoughCollege team chose the theme of Tomorrow’s Tomorrow for the 2022 event, allowing the speakers to explore how they envision our future in the age of technological advancements, creative innovations, developments in science, policy, and philosophies of life.

Throughout the day, a wide range of interesting talks took place in the Great Hall with 14 speakers spread across four sessions; Tomorrow’s Perceptions, Tomorrow’s Resilience, Tomorrow’s Creativity and Tomorrow’s Society. Among the speakers were neuroscientist Dr Hannah Critchlow, playwriter and novelist Bonnie Greer, OBE, and experience designer and social game practitioner Imwen Eke to name just a few.

Talk by Imwen Eke about The Future of Play at TEDxGoodenoughCollege
Speaker Imwen Eke

Between the sessions, guests and speakers were offered refreshments, entertainment and musical performances from the talented music students from Goodenough College. There were also two groups of UCL students who brought their AI Typewriter and Robotic Pet which attendees had the privilege of interacting with.

Two men look at an AI typewriter at the TEDxGoodenoughCollege event
AI typewriter

Alumni can see pictures from the event on Goodenough Global.

You can watch all talks from our exciting TEDx event on YouTube.