Alumni diary

As you will remember from your time as a Member there is always a wealth of activity going on at the College. Below you can find listed some of the upcoming events that are also open to Alumni, giving you the perfect reason to spend some time with us (even if just 'virtually').

Upcoming events

LOCAL EVENT: The Bloomsbury Festival
15-24 October
Bloomsbury Festival 2021 will take place from Friday 15 to Sunday 24 October with the theme ‘Shining Light’. The programme places the stories of the people, places and cultures of Bloomsbury at it’s heart, taking the creative talent of local established institutions and adding in emerging talent with new themes and threads – shining light on the tradition of freethinking and celebrating the ‘rebels’ within Bloomsbury. View the full programme here. Look out for the Goodensemble performing in London House on Saturday 23 October!
Save the date!  More details on the Festival events to follow soon:

VIRTUAL EVENT: #GoodenoughGivingDay2021
17-18 November
Our second Giving Day will take place on 17-18 November. Last year was a phenomenal success; we’re hoping to recreate the same sense of common purpose and  engagement this year. All you need to take part is some time and an internet enabled device!

IN COLLEGE EVENT: The UK Alumni Group Wine Tasting
1 December
Join the UK Alumni Group and wine expert Tim Syrad for a  festive wine tasting and cheese matching event at College.

This is a free programme of events for all our Alumni to enjoy.  However, we ask you to consider making a small voluntary donation here. As a charity, we  like many of you – are facing unprecedented challenges. Any support you can give will help us cover our essential costs. Many thanks.