Apply now – Goodenough College is welcoming applications for 2022-23

Our application portal is now open for applications from students who want to become Members of Goodenough’s warm and welcoming international community.

Choosing accommodation is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your postgraduate studies. Goodenough’s award-winning accommodation in central London (we won Best Specialist Accommodation Award and the International Accommodation Quality Kitemark in the National Student Housing Awards 2021) is a great choice for anyone looking for a supportive community with group study spaces, a lively programme of intellectual, cultural and social activities and excellent pastoral care

The Goodenough experience lasts a lifetime

Goodenough College provides a home for the brightest and best postgraduate students from around the world.

Rather than living with students from your university (perhaps even studying the same subject), Goodenough Members mix with other postgraduates who are studying at universities and colleges across London. As a Member you will make friends for life, meet extraordinary people (fellow Members and our visiting guests and speakers), expand your horizons and become part of a very special fellowship as one of our Goodenough Alumni.

“Becoming a Member of Goodenough has been like entering another family. You are surrounded by the most incredible people, all brought together by the friendly, generous spirit that is at the heart of the Goodenough ethos. Every decision made here is done with such a light touch and sense of humour. If it can feel this good during COVID lockdown in 2020 I’m excited to be here next year!”

Member Caroline Chouler-Tissier

“Be open to engaging with people from different races and cultures. You are more or less entering into the United Nations, and you meet people that you probably thought you would never encounter. Take your studies seriously, but at the same time open your mind to another world.”

Alum Anthony Richardson

Everything you need on site

Goodenough College is a charitable institution which puts all the revenue it earns from its hotel and events businesses towards providing the best possible living and learning environment for Members. We also offer a range of Scholarships to ensure we attract the best students from around the world, regardless of their means.

If you join us you will benefit from:

  • No hidden charges – electricity, heating, wifi, water and much more are all included in the rent.
  • Free wi-fi – ideal for streaming, studying at home and attending online lectures.
  • Full range of catering options – to allow Members to prepare their own food or dine in.
  • 24/7 security – with CCTV, 24 hour reception and secure access cards.
  • On site maintenance – to help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Study facilities – libraries, study spaces and special music and art rooms are available on site.
  • Social, creative and intellectual life – the College’s staff and Members host a huge range of activities (online and face to face when allowed).
  • Multi-faith support –a chapel and prayer room are available on site for those who want to practice their faith or enjoy some quiet contemplation.
  • Fresh air! – Members have access to Mecklenburgh Square Gardens, a gorgeous outdoor space open only to residents of the Square as well as quads and terraces.
  • COVID-safe living – anyone who is self-isolating receives excellent pastoral support, regular meals and help with food and medicine deliveries.
  • 24/7 welfare services – on-site staff are available to provide dedicated support to anyone who needs to talk or get practical help.

Dean and Members of Goodenough College

“We are a community which time and time again proves that we are here for each other,” says Registrar Caroline Persaud. “In 2020 our Alumni donated over £200k in funds to personally support those living here and struggling financially. We are proud of all of our Members and Staff and the dedication and care they have shown throughout the last year.

“Goodenough College is student accommodation like no other in London. Throughout the pandemic we maintained a safe environment with very low rates of infection. While we could not mix and meet we still managed to be creative in the ways we formed a community – engaging work and careers skills sessions, top speakers giving exclusive online talks, yoga and personal training, opera sang from the courtyards straight to everyone in their bedroom, collaborative jazz and a whole host of other new things.”

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